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Wonderful piece. I love the idea of re-learning things you already intellectually know but don't know, viscerally.

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It was wonderful to listen to you reading this. Very inspiring. Congrats on pushing yourself in wild places and winning your age group.

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Really enjoyed this, Henriette -- I had not realized from your report last year how utterly bharrowing that first round was. Will save and share this story of triumph -- congrats!

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What a nice write up. Your story is very inspiring. Congratulations on winning your age group!

On my end, I have been studying classical piano music for the last two years since I retired after working 34 years in Financial Services . A lot of your lessons apply to playing the piano. Pieces at first seem very difficult and unplayable. But as I practice each hand alone, measure by measure, it all starts to come together. Many times I am my own worst enemy making things more complicated than they need to be. I work hard, practicing four hours a day and taking a weekly lesson. Over time I have leaned a lot and am playing better. Reaching a goal takes focus and dedication as you well outline.

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